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Bhala Pae Tate Sahe Ru Sahe Odia Film 19




Category:2010s Odia-language films Category:2012 films Category:Indian filmsThis is a key concept to understand when dealing with ‘websites’, and we’re going to talk about how to manipulate it. We’ll also go over some tools to help us achieve this, from not only Facebook, but other services as well. Let’s first look at a simple application example: In this example we’re going to use our dummy app, which is using a custom database. We’ll also write some custom code, which will involve using a custom class to manipulate our dummy data. First, let’s add the data in our database: Add the data in the database The first thing we want to do is to send out a ‘fake’ notification. Facebook has a really cool concept of ‘showing’ posts on your home feed and you’ll see how we can add fake notifications in the next couple of posts: Adding a fake notification This means that when you look at your home feed, and click on the notifications, you’ll see a notification that you can click on, or tap on, and you’ll be shown the data inside the notification (in this case, our notification message): Click/tap on the notification to show it This is just a basic notification, but it shows how we can do this. You’ll also notice that the dummy app has a ‘screenshot’ button in the top right-hand corner of the notification. That’s the thing you tap on to show the notification in a full screen view: Click/tap on the screenshot to see the notification full screen So, lets’ take a look at our custom code. The first thing we want to do is to create a simple model class to store our data: Create a model class We’ll also need a custom view controller class to deal with all the notifications, so let’s create that: Create a custom view controller Now, we’ll write a custom class that handles the work we’re going to do. We’ll start off by creating the class: Create a custom view controller Now, lets’ create a function to retrieve our data. This is going to be our notification handler class





Bhala Pae Tate Sahe Ru Sahe Odia Film 19

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